Monday, October 27, 2008

Sitka Delight

I was able to visit Ryan for what I like to call a conjugal weekend visit. It was spendid! He took me to this awesome Sushi place, who would have known Sitka of all places has a gourmet sushi restaurant. IT WAS AMAZING!!! Well, as you can imagine we didnt stop much to take pics .... there are a couple good ones but their with Ryan so I'll have to talk him into posting them for me.
This is called the Dragon Roll! So yummy!!
The rain actually let up for a bit so we could walk around town, I stopped in at the chocolate store and bought an over-priced fatty snack. I couldnt actually eat it because I was holding off for the perfect moment that I would enjoy it the most, that moment ended up being the day after I got home when I got to thinking about how long it would be till I see Ryan again, I was depressed and the chocolate helped. So glad I saved it!!

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