Friday, January 23, 2009

21/365 & 22/365

Jan. 21 There's a funny story that goes with this one! My mom invited me to go with her on a trip to Wasilla and while over there I was starving so I let the fast-food bug get me. I havent been to Carl's Jr. in over a year or more. So I decided it was about time to have a 'guac. bacon chicken six dollar burger' (I dont like beef burgers), before pulling away I made sure we had everything in the bag, which they'd skimped on the ranch. I felt bad eating in front of my mom as she drove so when she dropped me off at home I pulled out my burger to find it was BEEF. I was soooo peeved!
For 1: I didnt have a vehicle to go fix it!
2. I wouldnt drive all the way over there even if I did have a car!
3. I was still VERY hungry!
I called Carl's Jr. and they said they owe me a burger, so the next time I go to Wasilla I'll be getting my chicken burger and double checking!
Jan. 22 Mom got me a hot chocolate and I finally got my CK in the mail,
and since I'm sick this will be the extend of my day.


Valli said...

Sorry You're sick.
Hot Chocolate always fixes that though. So you're on the right track.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, we lived in Anchorage for a couple of years (air force) and are LDS too. Just thought I would say hello...Dawn