Sunday, April 19, 2009

PETA for Kitty ~ KETA

Is your cat a member???

Kitties Eating Tasty Animals

I'm so proud of my girl, I let her outside in the wind which I know she hates, 5 minutes later I feel bad so I go out and call for her. She comes running back with a mouse in her teeth.


Like most cats she brings them in still alive, puts it down and continues to have a chase.

So, I being the good mother grab the camera and catch the footage for all of you. She has been so good, catching atleast one a day, I didnt know she could find so many mice, its amazing.


Not for the weak stomached, or someone who will feel sorry for a mouse.

When I refer to hating PETA, I'm talking about the ones who dont eat meat.

I have to clarify because when I first heard of PETA I thought it was a great thing, because I was told it meant "People Eating Tasty Animals" and then I was wondering why they were trying to save whales and stuff.

YES, we eat MEAT!!!

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Valli said...

Baw Haha! KETA, I like it.