Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is what I want you to do...

Think back, WAY BACK to your PROM. Remember your dress, shoes, jewelry??? Now if you had a bad experience at Prom then dont think too hard. Now, the question is... how would you have liked your pictures taken???

Did you even buy pics?

Because guess what??? I have an awesome friend who has asked me to come help with Prom pictures at Glennallen High School and I accepted. But the problem is that neither of us have taken prom pics before, and Wedding pics are different. So I need your help. Should we only offer 1 pose to make it easier on us? Should I make the pics really cheap or try to make some $$$? And the biggest question that I cant figure out... When did you pay for your pics, before Prom, After, or during? I have less than a month to get this all figured out. So if you any advice for me please feel free to throw it out there.

I thought about posting my old Prom pic but I think it might cause a problem,

1. I dont like it

2. I dont even know where to find it

3. I'm afraid my date might be checking my blog and what would he think when he saw that pic.

4. I dont want my WONDERFUL husband to see how stupid I looked that night

You know what's funny though, I have that dress in my closet right now next to all the dresses I wear to church and Seminary, weird huh? Only because its not an actual prom dress its a formal black dress. hah, and I just realized I still have those shoes in my closet also. WOW!!!

I guess I should post a pic though, so this pic is another duct tape dress.


Lisa Jo said...

Hey Laci,

So here's what I remember from our last prom. They only did one pose and we paid there. You could also have them fill out a paper with address and stuff to send the payment later but you run the risk of not getting paid. Might be easier to charge there, but also have the other option.
Usually they did one pose for the couple and you could do group shots as well. And then they offered packages.. like a few big pics and a few wallet size and stuff like that. Hope that helps! Have fun doing it.

Mahana said...

hmmm. so my junior prom we got the picture taken on the boat that prom was held on. They offered one way to pose (unless your date was super tall, then they had that person sit and you stand behind. lame) and the background was one that went with the theme of prom. we had to pay up front for whatever package. i didn't really like that because what if I didn't like the picture?

senior prom, we just went to a studio and I loved it. so many more options for posing and then we got to go back a week later and see the proofs and pick out which ones we wanted. We had to pay a sitting fee at the time we took the pictures--I think just in case we didn't like the pictures and didn't order any in the end, the photographer would at least get paid for his time. They had several packages for us to choose from and after we selected which pictures we wanted, we would get them a few days later.

Seeing as you may not want to have to do multiple trips to glen allen, you may want to combine the two. Get a laptop that you can automatically upload the pictures to or even bring your desktop computer...Offer 2-3 poses/lighting/lens and have specific packages detailed out (1-8x10, 2-5x7 etc). Give the options to the prom goers BEFORE prom (so make sure to have examples of each). Then they fill out a card selecting what kind of pose they would like (include your pricing for packages too)--making sure to turn it in to you before hand to give you an idea of the demand for a specific pose/setting. Then a week before prom, send out a thing listing times the specific poses you are offering will be shot so that way you're not constantly having to change your background if you choose to do multiple ones (might be simpler to keep one background and just offer simple changes like props instead). With two of you taking pictures it shouldn't be hard to get them all done pretty quick if you each take a specific pose. Then with your computer there, you could quickly upload the pic, the couple can then have a quick glimpse of the photo on the desktop, have the option to have one retake, then select the package. They must pay for the package upfront. Then just plan in 1 to 2 weeks in providing each couple with their prom pics.

sorry that was lengthy but if you have to take the prom pics at the prom, then that's just an idea. you could also, in addition to at the prom pics, have on the form you have fill out, the option of having their pictures taken prior to prom...either of the girl just in her dress or maybe 2 hours before prom, outside shots. same rules apply for sitting fee being paid upfront and the option of selecting a package after viewing the photo. The nice thing with the computer being handy, you don't have to spend money having pictures developed and you won't lose potential clients with their fear that their pictures might not turn out and not wanting to pay prior to even seeing them.