Friday, May 29, 2009

I bought my TICKET!!!

YAY!! Just bought my ticket from Seattle to Anchorage. I know that sounds silly so let me explain... In my immediate family the girls take an annual girls' trip and this year my two sisters and my mom decided on DISNEYWORLD in Orlando, Florida!!


So we'll be doing that for a week, and we did it cheaper than almost anyone could ever do DisneyWorld, thanks to Disney for having a military special this year and of coarse thanks to Dave & Valli for contributing their AWESOME timeshare, and also thanks to my secret ways of buying round trip tickets from Alaska to Orlando for less than $400. each. YES, yes, it's gonna be wonderful. Thank goodness we saved so much so that we can spend more at the Parks.

Also I cant forget to thank the wonderful husbands for letting us go without them and donating their hard earned cash. Yes, donating means it was willingly. So, after DisneyWorld we fly home and I decided to stay in Seattle to hang out with Lisa and baby Henry for a week.

And that is why I'm all excited right now. I get to see Lisa!!!
So if there's anything you want from DisneyWorld Lisa speak now or forever regret. And thanks for letting me crash in your pad and be a free-loader while I'm there. I guess I should also thanks the Ronald McDonald house. So, I guess that's all I wanted to say. Oh, and here are some of the scrapbook layouts I've done with the pics Lisa sent me:

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Holly said...

Love all you pages here! Thanks for participating in the Label Tulip challenge. Enjoy your trip to Disney World... we're taking advantage of the same military offers from Disney, and scored a super-cheap Disney vacation. I can't wait... only like 15 more days until we leave!!!