Monday, May 11, 2009

Prom Faves!!!

So I got to shoot a Prom last weekend and I just got done editing all the pictures so I thought I better post some. We had LOTS of fun! Every couple was cute and happy!! I think prom is more fun to shoot than a wedding. This is Glennallen High School Prom at Copper River Princess Lodge. They also invited two other schools, I think Kenny Lake and Slana??? Not sure on that! Anyways, I highly recommend it!


A-n-D said...

They turned out great! I need to have you teach me some of your photoshop skills! How do you do that where you color part of the photo and leave the rest black and white???

Emily R. said...

Wow! Those dresses are incredible!!
Awesome pictures also! Hey did you get the box of goodies yet?