Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 3 ~ Animal Kingdom

OK, so we start out at the Tree of Life where there a lot of animals carved into the tree, ask Valli how many cuz I cant remember, maybe 200???

Dino Park... you know you all love Dino's!
Valli with the Tri Dino

Another arm shot, dang I'm getting good... we're standing in line for the dino ride which we thought would be lame but I'd have to say it was my fave!!! Not lame at all!
Then on a Safari to see:
... oh you know what they all are, I'll stop narrating.

This is the coolest water foundain I've ever drank out of...

Valli crank'in out the tunes
ITS HOT, time for a drink before we go on the Mt. Everest ride and all get sick.
Tired of Walking
Thanks goodness for fans with water being sprayed out of them
Oh look, ice. I love ice buckets that are sitting out for all to spread their germs in
Valli & Lanisha
What's worse?
Stealing money from stagnant water, or...

drinking out of it??

Waiting for the bus to take us to dinner
Waiting means: Picture TIME, got one with everyone.
& Valli
Lanisha's duck face
Oh so yummy, best place to eat 'Boma Restaurant' in the Animal Kindom Hotel
The bestest seafood gumbo ever!
Our drinks, mine is the green one, its a sour apple,
Yup, its sour!!!
Pass it around and try not to make a face
Desserts were even better!!!
Especially this one!!! I ate a dozen!
Found out they were made with liquor and I wondered
where my headache came from.
Zebra's at the hotel
Celebrate Valli's B-Day!
Mom made her those cool pillows to match her bedspread which she also made.

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