Monday, June 29, 2009

Time for a major OVERLOAD!!!

So because I'm way behind I'm going to post LOTS & LOTS of pictures to make up for it, also because I dont wanna be chewed out by my awesomest neighbors Joel & Lisa. YES, I just got back on Tuesday and I had the greatest time ever as you will see in the pics... but 1st I must add other pics from before my trip. Have to go in order, sorry!!!
Been all about chocolate Chip Cookie Bars lately and their so DELISH!!

Frisbee Golf with 'The Boys' lots of fun, but disappointing to know how bad I still suck at it!

My lillies bloomed just before I left, only to come home to them completely wilted DEAD!!

This is another pic from Memorial Day weekend, I'm shocked I didnt post it earlier cuz its my fave. I'm all about the arm reach pics. When I do it I cut half our faces out so its a good thing we had Joel with us, we actually got our faces and the canoe.

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