Friday, July 10, 2009

Red Shirt Lake

For our weekend we were flown out to Red Shirt Lake by a contractor who hired Ryan to install his septic system. Ryan told him that he'd only go if I could come too.
I'm so glad he did, because what did I do both days???
Go Fish'in!
Go Swimm'in!
Go Sun Bath'in!
Do it again!
It was so stink'in hot too, so I went fish'in and swimm'in at the same time.
Ryan work'in!
When the contractor got tired of work'in he'd take us Fish'in.
Ryan was the only catcher!
Nice Pike, huh?
Before we'd left I'd studied on the internet how to filet a pike cuz its a little different with their Y bones. If you ever need to know how, I know a great video on YouTube, click here!

Then our plane came in!
The 2nd cabin from the left is where we stayed!

Anchorage from the air

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Lisa Jo said...

"LUCKY" I'm Jealous, looks like you had a good time. That's the coolest thing ever- "I'll only do it if my wife can come to"... you guys are the greatest!