Monday, August 17, 2009

Temple Dress Saga

The very 1st Temple dress I bought zipped up in the front to make things easier as I have a gimpy arm (due to the brainless doctor that delivered me), but that's a whole other story. So this dress wasnt really a cute dress or anything, the price was right.
Its been 5 years with that dress which I figured I'd use it as much as possible... you know the whole fix it up, wear it out, or do without or whatever it is... anyways, it wasnt so bad until about 3 years ago I'd noticed a couple of elderly ladies smiling at me as if congratulating me for something, well apparently they were because one day an old bishop's wife came up to me and said "Well all the ladies were talking and want to know if you're pregnant?" which she said with that same congratulatory smile. Well as you all know, NO I wasnt pregnant but how do you embarrass the matron and all the temple workers like that... so I just said as kindly as possible "No, its just my dress!" (I realized that having it zip up in front created 2 bumps when I sat down)

And that's when it started... I cant tell you how many times I've been asked since then if I was pregnant. The sad thing is that I dont even have a belly, I could wear a bikini if I wanted too, i might not be a super beach body but I could show it off if I wanted, I just choose not too.
So why am I telling you all this? Because I am over-joyed to announce that... (no mom, I'm not pregnant), I bought a NEW dress! We were called to work in the Temple and I decided that I didnt want people worrying about me when they're suppose to be paying attention.
And my new dress IS everything that I've ever wanted in a Temple dress, its got bell sleeves that cup over my hands, beautiful fabrics that make me look like royalty, super comfy, and best of all it shows my thin waist. In fact, I've only wore it to the Temple 3 times now, and every time I do I have massive amounts of compliments, that have totally made up for the old ones.
I've even had people compliment on it when they're not suppose to be talking and they'll say "I know I'm not suppose to say this here but your dress is really pretty!" and even when I'm not wearing it. After I'd dressed into my normal clothes and went down to the shoe room there were two women who as soon as they saw me said "You were the one with the awesome dress!" YES, YES, that would be me! Maybe that's why I love that calling so much, I guess clothes do have an effect on you sometimes. I know I shouldnt be worried about what I'm wearing inside the Temple but I just have to say that my new dress sure makes up for all of the prenancy comments I got with my last one.
So why did I just go on and on about a dress? Well, I really needed to update my blog and no, its not to show off that I have a thin waist, because its really not that great, very lacking in color and anyways, its not something to brag about. And YES, I do pay attention when I'm at the Temple, I dont sit around waiting for compliments, in fact I sit in a very tiny tiny room and try to memorize things, which I have already passed off many things in just three weeks, and can I just say also that working at the Temple is the most rewarding thing I've ever done.
I've been able to work at the veil, work some of the booths, and sit in the Celestial room and just ponder all by myself. If you havent had the opportunity to go to the Temple, I strongly encourage you to work for it, work hard for it. It should be everyone's main goal, and once you've gone there, always find time to go back, and if you have already accomplished that goal, I strongly urge you to help others get there. There's always someone to be helped!
Alright I'll let you be for now, signing off.
And as I tell my students "MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!!"


Valli said...

"bell sleeves that cup over my hands..." What so you mean cup over your hands. I'm picturing little fold over mittens and know that's got to be way off.
I can't wait to see this dress.

A-n-D said...

What an amazing opportunity to work at the temple! I definitely need to get there more often. I am happy you have a dress that brings you so many compliments. I don't think there's anything wrong with that!