Friday, September 18, 2009

Who knew you could have this much FUN @ Seminary


I love my students, they are just so Awesome!!
This week was Spirit week at the school and today was 'Blue & White' day (school colors) so I had to get some pics of everyone who dressed the part.

Yesterday I went shopping and realized I didnt have a blue shirt so I bought one just for today, so I had to get a pic of my school spirit even though I never even went to Palmer. I never believed in school spirit, but probably because I didnt have a school I was proud of, and my colors were black and gold, ugh!!

Sarah and KaLene are so stink'in CUTE!!

I got Lanisha this tee yesterday too!

Got to give it to her today and it was a big hit as she's starting a petition against homework... it was my idea!

The only white shoes I have are these "hooker heels" as I call them, I bought on eBay for $2.00 they're 6" heels
I actually got to wear them for once!

My sister ROCKS!!!


A-n-D said...

You look SO cute! How fun! Aaron was all excited about "casual friday":) Guess he didn't know it was also school spirit day, although I'm sure he wouldn't have dressed up even if he had known!!! Glad you are having fun!

lil Rebel Child♥ said...

yes...yes i am awsome. haha loves<3

Mahana said...

HA! Hooker heels! classic. very cute pics!