Monday, October 26, 2009

Pre-Christmas Pondering

This tree is made out of beer bottles! DARN, and to think I threw out all my hundreds of Henry Weinhard's bottles when the recycling center wouldnt accept them.
Mt. Dew cans are purty!

I was checking a blog that I frequent and they were having a contest, all you had to do to win was comment and say what your favorite Christmas tradition is.
I was interested in others' traditions so I read all of them. Here's what the bulk of them had:
~ Getting an orange in our stocking
~ Baking cookies together
~ Opening 1 gift of Christmas Eve which was PJ's
~ Visiting family
You know, the usual. Then I came across this gem:

Our favourite holiday tradition is to put out a glass of beer for Santa (hence his big round tummy) and oats for the Reindeer's along with our wish lists. We also sprinkle glitter over the grass so Santa will see it glisten from his sleigh. We then hang a key on some ribbon from the front door so Santa can let himself in as my children pointed out that we don't have a chimney that he can come down.

LOL ~ Beer!!! I bet they get awesome presents!
Hey, I know where their key is on Christmas EVE...

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