Saturday, October 31, 2009

Recent Things

My kitty Bocy always finds funny ways to fall asleep, and of coarse this isnt the most unique but I still had to take a pic and show her off... she is my only child after all.
R put up the cool shelves that I got and I think they add a little something something to the kitchen, dont you? Displayed are the ceramics that we finished at Color-Me-Mine. And of coarse I had to add a pumkin for the season.

This is the downstairs bedroom wall, I thought it was finished but then I decided I wanted to sand it a little more, but isnt that a cool color? The accent wall is a mint green.
R cut down a bunch of trees the other day since it still hasnt snowed and the next morning we heard a bunch of noise, at first I thought R was yawning a lot but apparently that's the sound they make. They were really vocal. I tried to take a video of it for you all but once we cracked the window they split!
There was a small bull, a cow and 2 babies. The perfect little moose family!

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