Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Kind of last minute I went to a Halloween Party thrown by friends.
These are the Hosts (caveman & woman) Jared & Lacey.
JD & Caitlin are themselves 100 years ago, she's wearing real head-dress.
I did bring a mustache cookie because I didnt have time to throw together a costume.
Lahela was Little Bo Peep with her sheep! Byron's cotton was hard to keep on so they used a spray on constuction adhesive that you're not even suppose to use without gloves on. He had one heck of a time getting it all off... lets just say he's completely hairless now thanks to Nair!
Doug & Deena (I think that's her name). Look at their costumes, it makes sense because she's pregnant.
Halloween just happens to be Lahela's B-Day also, so Caitlin made her a cake but we couldnt find any candles... so we used matches!

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