Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Decor and my AWESOME tree

So I must tell the story of the tree.

When we went tree hunting we only had about an hour. We drove around a bit with some friends, one of them found a worthy tree after trekking through the woods a little ways and being short on time I looked over to this joke of a tree and I said "We should take that tree... it would be unique." as it was super skinny and scrawny compared to all the other trees.

Then Joel said "Cut it down quick before she changes her mind!" So that's how we got the tree.

When it came time to decorate it I decided it would be easier to wrap the trunk in lights as there arent many branches, then layering what branches I had left, and since there's no room for ornaments I went with ribbon this year, but I couldnt decided if I wanted to hang it from the top or if I should wrap the tree, so I did both really crappily to see which I'd like best, and when I did I saw that the crappy ribbon job totally went with the theme of the tree so I left it, spool and all.

We then had Joel put the star on top as he's the tallest, the springs dont make it very easy for it to stand up so the star is drooping to the floor and even though at first I thought we should fix it cuz I didnt want bad juju, but then it grew on me. This is the least amount of effort we've ever put into a tree and I have to say its my very favorite because it makes me laugh every time I look at it. Dont you just love it? It kind of reminds me of the grinch for some reason.

I went and bought a bunch of candy bars to decorate the gifts

Here's my home-made M&M bowl

And here's the advent calendar I made last year

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