Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nativity LOVE!!!

So after we had the Nativity Display last week in our chapel (if you're not familiar its where people all around town donate their nativities for the weekend and the entire building is decorated, there's a red room, white room, international room, this year they added a patriotic room and it was amazing, but there's thousands of nativities and they're so beautiful), anyways I didnt have to go to classes as all the rooms were closed off except the chapel, so I figured I'd go help and it was actually really cool. Two years ago we (Mom, Valli, and I) saw this amazing nativity and have coveted it ever since. Its the 2004 edition from some Home catalog and sold out so fast and is no where to be found. Well, after giving up looking for it I found it on eBay, and guess what?? It was a buy it now for $25.00 I snatched it up so fast and I just got it 2 days ago. So here I am showing it off to you!

I also bought this Pewter Nativity!
And this wood Nativity from Jerusalem

Next year I'll be able to actually donate some to the Nativity Display and I'm really excited about it, I've always wanted to support it. I've had nativities on my Christmas list for years now and decided I know what I want so I'll just buy them, and I did!

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Mahana said...

I love the nativity from Jerusalem. We have one from there made out of olive wood and it's the only one I display because it's my favorite.