Thursday, July 1, 2010

NEW & Improved Scrapbook Room

All this made possible by 1 Adorable, Loving, Amazing, Hard Working, Sexy, Ambitious, (I could go on, but I'll refrain from making you puke) HUSBAND!
(Thanks babe, xoxo!!!)
When people ask about my room and we get to talking about cost and all that, I notice that the person's eyes usually wander over to R as if quietly asking him "why would you let her do this" or "how can you afford this woman" or whatever it is they mean to say... and R just looks at me and says "Only the best for my Laci!" The cool thing is he means it too.
So I know I've showed pics before, but its getting better everyday. I keep adding awesome-ness and I have to admit it's pretty freaking Amazing. Who wouldnt want to craft here? This is the over-all pic of my desk.
The far wall!
I dug out my awesome candle holder that's been in the basement for years and hung it by a chain that R so kindly gave to me and painted for me. Now my room will smell of 'Coconut Cove', my favorite Partylite scent.
Disregard the junk on the desk, its not quite organized yet, I dont know what I want to display on my cute stands yet.
I've always wanted to do this. Put my wood stamps on a shelf, but apparently I have too many to fit on it. (I still havent unpacked all my stuff yet, these are just the ones I found lying around in random places.)
I decided to display this one on my cute little red shelf.
Got this at a thrift store, painted it red and its perfect for holding my paints, and my pepe le pew ornament that my grandma gave me.
I've been coveting this shelf for years, finally got it thanks to a 50% off coupon and a gift card from Cindy. Still filling it up though, hence the emptiness.
My FAVE thrift store find is this long skinny shelf I got a few weeks ago for $1. I bought it hoping my Stampin Up ink pads would fit in it, and they do. Perfectly! I only have 2 sets of them and that's exactly how many it holds! A little bit of paint and its perfect!


Katie Webb said...

Wow, it really is amazing! You are one lucky woman! Wish I could come scrapbook with you!

Mahana said...

whoa! That is a lot of stamps! lol. Nice job on the room! Now on to the baby room....riiiight?????

A-n-D said...

Love it! What a sweet hubby--you deserve to be spoiled a bit!

Valli said...

Nice! I like the red shelves. And that candle holder is pretty much the coolest thing I've seen all month.

Paula-Scrap Addict said...

I can't believe your MM Shelf isn't full... what are you thinking? you have empty spots! lol All joking aside, you space is wonderful! I love the little splashes of red, the stairs <3 Thanks for sharing with PPC!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Great space! So nice and organized!

Tamie said...

What a fantastic area! Now if only mine could be so clean. I love your little shelves you have displaying your stamps and bottles. I must say I love, love the clock on your wall. Your room looks like a really peace place to create.