Sunday, August 15, 2010

Its your b-day, its your b-day, oh yeah, oh yeah!

R made me this super sweet yummy breakfast with strawberries from the garden and the blueberries we picked at Eureka. Then he dropped me off at the salon which I've told you already but I went and got my hair done.
Can you believe Cindy make this cake? I spy an H from the shredded Hershey's bar, do you?
I really wish this photo turned out, cuz I dont have any with my bro.
OH NO!!! I just realized I forgot to make a wish. CRAP!!! CRAP!!! CRAP!!! So does that mean I can tell you what I was gonna wish for?? I'm sure you all know anyways.
This just happens to be my favorite shot of the day! And you can see my awesome ringlets in my hair.
This is our substitute daughter Elizabeth about to cut my cake up.
And this is our substitute son Henry who had a blast playing golf around Ken & Cindy's house.
And this is the BESTEST neighbor anyone could ever ask for... and also the real mother of the children above. Sampson (the dog) wouldnt leave her alone once she started petting him. And look at this look he's giving me?!? What's up with at?
He kept backing into her to get his back scratched... it was hilarious!
Then Cindy showed us her producing tomato trees. Cant believe I dont have red ones yet, after seeing these I went up to our greenhouse and chopped the crap out of our trees. Pretty much got rid of all the stalks and branches that werent producing fruit. Dont get me wrong, I have TONS of tomatoes growing and they're getting huge, but they're not turning red. Oh well, more on that later!
All in all, my B~Day was the BEST!! I have the greatest husband EVER! He took such good care of me, not only did he take the day off (which apparently is hard to do even if its your own bday, sorry Tim), but he even let me test drive a Land Rover. Oh and I have to say THANKS to Cindy and Lisa for the Delish food. I'm still eating leftovers. Gotta say, that's one of the best presents anyone can get.

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Adrienne Pierce said...

Happy Birthday! Love the photo's!! I love the close up of you blowing out the candles you look gorgeous in them all!

I emailed you back on CC regarding the kits!