Sunday, September 19, 2010

Elizabeth's BDAY

I know this was a while ago... like Aug. 22nd long ago, but I still wanted to post pics of our (I'm just gonna call her ours, but you what I mean) our little girl's bday party.
I made a few decorations so had to make her pose with one.

She actually got to request some things for her birthday, these were her wishes:
Chocolate Cupcakes
Baby Doll for a present

Oh great, a bat! I wonder who got her that! (oops, I guess it was me)

Uncle Neil got her these, which I'm surprised arent dead by now by all of the OVER-feeding. They should be good and plump enough for Christmas dinner.

I also had to make her a birthday banner, I dont recommend making this on the actual day of the party.

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