Monday, October 4, 2010

Its Time To Decorate... for HALLOWEEN!!!

YAY!!! I dont know why I'm getting excited about Halloween this year, but I am!  I've never decorated or done anything fun for the strange holiday.  But this year I decided I'd decorate, and go all out.  I just put this in my yard today!  I was thinking of making one that said "This could be you... if you knock on my door before noon!" but then I saw this one for only $3.

 My lil sister and I went shopping for Halloween stuff last week and I found some of the coolest things.   I'm not into the cute or scary stuff, only the elegant Halloween stuff.  And oh boy did I find just that!  As soon as I got home I set up our kitchen table, which I really like (and R does too by the way)!!
 You can also see my table cloth I got, its got skulls on it!
 Lanisha found this awesome candy bar that I just had to display on my table!

 And I have every intention on making Halloween cupcakes like this!

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