Saturday, October 9, 2010

My new FAVORITE Holiday

Thought I'd show some more decor that I'm really excited about.  I havent posted it yet cuz I wanted R to be the first to see it all.  I even made the cupcakes for him.  And I dont know if you can tell but those candles are actually black dipped in orange, so when they burn down they bleed black.  I think its awesome!  

Lanisha & I actually went out back to find this tree, then I spray painted it black, bought a cool vase at JoAnn's and cobwebbed it up!  Its one of the coolest additions to the whole scene so far.
The apple is actually from a Relief Society activity we had on Thursday.  This carmeled apple I made for my mom and when I called her and she turned it down I had to eat some of it to find out it taste like HEAVEN, Cindy I'm so sorry I didnt put chocolate on yours, it was the best part!


Valli said...

Those are the coolest candles!

Mahana said...

Love the decor! Very festive. I realized the next day WHY the caramel was sagging so bad on the apples....the apples needed to be chilled so that way carmel hardens on contact. It was a step I had forgotten! Oh well. Next time :)