Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween Party

 I'd have to say our Halloween Party was a hit!  I have to apologize to Joel as I promised him a few times I was putting this on the blog and I'm just now getting to it.
My talented pumkin carving neighbor made this for the party. 
Isnt it lovely?
Notice the shadow?
 Valli & Madeline were here as well, which is one of the main reasons they came to visit, or so I'd like to think.  I'll have to post Madeline's other costume later as Valli and mom made it and its so adorable!
 Wow, did I really wear my pajama's all night.  I remember thinking right when people got here 'I should go change' and I dont think I ever did. Oh boy!  I should mention we had the BEST appetizers at the party.  I made bread pretzels and nacho cheese, cute cupcakes, and lots more that I cant think of right now.  Ryan spent all day and made Apple Cider from scratch, yeah, he's AMAZING!!! 
And I should note that our good friend Lico is now on his mission, he will be missed by many for 2 years including all the Young Women in my ward. LOL, its so TRUE!! He got called to Lima, Peru!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a fun party! The decorations were great and the food was yummy...the buffalo wings were Landon and Brendans favorite. Cindy M.

Valli said...

I love me a good Halloween Party.
Your food and decor was awesome. *Sigh* it was a fun party.