Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree Shopping

We drove out past the sea of goody goody gumdrops, through the candy cane forest till we found the Perfect tree!  Which to you might seem like the most non-perfect tree.  Beware of judging my friend!  For I will show you the potential of the so called ugly tree.
 We did our traditional voyage with our Awesome neighbors and a friend from Anchorage, we've done this together now for 3 years I believe.

 We knew once we saw this tree that it would grace our living room for a season!
Let me remind you not to judge!  You shall see how great this tree can be!

 Notice the dog? hehe
 And they slept... the WHOLE time!


Valli said...

LOVE that tree!
Also love Joel and Lisa's expressions.

A-n-D said...

haha! I love it too. You guys are so cool.

Anonymous said...

almost as good as the tree we had in the trl. in kenny lake. the one just decorated with fishing lures ans popcorn. love it Popa