Friday, February 11, 2011

Double Date w/ Teens

This last weekend we went on a double date with my little sister and her boyfriend.
Instead of doing something lame like going to a movie we decided on bowling and all-you-can-eat Chinese food.  I'd made a bet with Ry that Julius would out eat him.
Ry eats a LOT, but I thought Julius is a big kid, I mean he wears size 16 shoe, and he's a teenager so I'm sure he'll eat a lot. 
I lost the bet... by 2 plates!

Here's some video's of Lanisha's AWESOME form & Julius who pretty much kicked butt.

We tried different things all night.  We werent really trying to bowl our best cuz what's the fun in that?
We tried the slow bowl, Lanisha won at like 3MPH
The penguin shuffle (shuffle it with your feet down to the alley)
The army crawl (on your stomach all the way down)
The Fast bowl (dont remember who won but it was in the 30 MPH range)
and a bunch more I cant think of.

 It was LOTS of fun!
I definitely recommend going on a double date with teenagers!


Valli said...

Army crawl bowling?
I officially have the coolest sisters ever.

Anonymous said...

Looks like funn was had by all.
Going out snowmobileing today . was -7 yesterday @ house -17 @ work. Has been a dam cold winter. love POPA