Friday, February 18, 2011

Lazy Days!!!

This little girl LOVES movies, as I've said before.  I figured I had to get a video of her singing one of the songs of the Disney "Mulan"!

Check this out!  The grater came to plow our street and he backed all the way up in our driveway and plowed it out!  WOOHOO!!!  Love that guy!  I seriously need to bake him some goodies or something.
Its been snowing like crazy out there, there's a LOT!!
And I have to say "THANKS" to Darrin for coming up here and plowing us the rest of the way out.
Darrin, you're the BEST!

And today I'm sick so for dinner R thought he'd roast some cheesy filled dogs in the woodstove. 
I do have to mention that he's an AMAZING cook and he only ate hotdogs tonight cuz we thawed them out for our ice fishing adventure we had to cancel due to my illness!

Oh yeah, and R got an ice auger for Valentine's.
I just gave it to him last night cuz we were gonna go fishing today.
I wish I'd known I was gonna get sick and we weren't actually gonna go cuz now he's itch'in to go drill holes in every bit of ice he can think of.
Its a 10.5" auger!  Only the best for my baby!
 Here's a pic of the new sled he got filled with all our fishing gear and goodies, ready to go (fish shack not in pic).
So if any of you would like to go ice fishing come take him, we got everything and he would really love it!

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Anonymous said...

Awww, I'm sorry you're sick!! And, I'm sorry Ryan didn't get to try out his new auger(I thought it was a B Day present :)) But, the hot dogs do look delicious! CindyM