Sunday, July 3, 2011

Adventures with Dave!!!

 So Dave is our brother... by law, or something like that.  He's been a good friend of mine since before I met R.  Anyways, I dont feel like writing a whole lot so I'm just gonna say that every time I hang out with Dave, its an adventure... meaning things take a turn.  I'm not gonna say for the worse because I know things could go a LOT worse, but you get the point.  We LOVE Dave!!!

We took him out camping, and went the glacier...crossed metal creek in June, I know crazy!

 We had ammo, so naturally we had to shoot it.

 The boys took turns setting up a fun little "lets kill some bad guys" scenario with real cardboard cutouts.
 Great day!  We took turns going through.

 You cant see very well in the pic but we shot the bad guy lots and didnt even hit the hostage.
 Then about a mile or two after crossing the river on our way home, it happened.  Dave thinks he's cursed or something, because even the next day he refused to ride with us to church thinking something would probably happen, so he just followed us all the way there and then all the way home in his car.
Do you see smoke coming out of that red thingy?  I'd love to be able to tell you exactly what it is or what its doing but all I can say is that the thing got warped and ruined the other thing and it destroyed some other thingy which caused the tire (I know that one) to come off.  Luckily we stopped a few yards before the tire actually came off.
So, this is why I asked R to write this trip up... because I have no clue what any of that junk is called.  He said he would, but then the pics have been sitting here on the blog waiting for him and now that's its work time... I'm just gonna write it.  He's busy!

 After a couple failed attempts of fixing stuff  and trying to call out with no service and dying phones we resorted to walking out!
This is up all perky and excited to go walking for miles & miles & miles...
Goodbye poor truck, hopefully nobody finds you and steals your tires or breaks a window and steals all our valuable stuff.
 Can you see the disappointment in his eye as he walks away from his baby??
I'd love to tell you I have more pics of the rest of the adventure... because OH YES, there's much to this story.  We saw many people on our way out who werent very willing to help us out, they preferred to know where the truck was, what was wrong with it, and if we left anybody behind... once they had their curiosity peaked they'd leave us by the wayside.

We finally got picked up 10 miles out by a 3 seater jeep carrying 4 people and a dog.  We sat on the hood and in the tire carrier.  They offered me all kinds of the valley's finest substances... I didnt care... my feet hurt, so I politely said "No, but thanks for asking"

We then got another ride out from a drunk 19 year old who asked R to hold his beer, at that point we were just grateful to get out.  At which point the young man lit up some other substance before getting his beer back.
We were just happy to get back to the parking lot and drive home.


Anonymous said...

Great Story line.. Love POPA

Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like the fun just never stopped...A good scrapbook title would be, "Never a Dull Moment"...CindyM

Valli said...

I missed such a good one!