Friday, December 26, 2008


We were taking pics of our happy little families (pics below) and Mark (dad) saw us and said "I want a picture with the grand-kitties!"

(Note: He doesnt have any grandchildren yet, yeah... tell Valli Dave, JD Caitlyn, Byron Lahela, to get right on that.)

So we took this great pic while the "cousins" were fighting!

Bocy (my girl) is the Himalayan on the left and Jeffrey (JD's boy) is the frisky bastard cat on the right, hey its not a bad word when used in the right sense and NO, we dont know who his father is.
Here's the boys holding their little ones.

My Ryan with our baby Bocy, and JD with his wild Jeffrey.

Our Christmas family pic! Ryan, Laci, Bocy

JD, Caitlyn, Jeffrey

Doesnt she look festive?


Valli said...

Love the family Pictures!
And the fighting cousins are hillarious. Definately related to our clan.

lil Rebel Child♥ said...

yes Jefferey is a bastard cat. I miss my little niece Bocy...u should bring her over for a visit. i miss her lots. (shes my fave...but don't tell J.D that!)