Friday, December 26, 2008


Looky what I got for Christmas!!! YAY!!! A glock and a holster, not just any holster, notice its a lefty holster! I LOVE it!!! I wore that holster everywhere we went on Christmas day so I could get use to it!Cindy got an awesome gun also with a holster too! And Landon also got a gun.
It aint Christmas unless someone gets a gun!

I thought this bear looked awesome! We should have put the gun on his hip to make him look more gansterish. Now notice the diffence in the bear between this and the next pic.

Oh so sleepy! Ry fell asleep while everyone was playing the Wii! And the bear's conked out too!

I think everyone else had more fun with Taryn's presents than she did. Kid toys are awesome!

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