Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I HAVE THE GREATEST IDEA OF ALL TIME! IT WILL MAKE ME RICH AND SOMEWHAT FAMOUS. Even though it has been done thousands of times I will do it differently which will make me the smartest person who has ever tried to make money off of other people's vanity.

Too bad I cant tell you what it is because I dont want you to steal my idea and become famous on my account. Is that vane? Cuz that would be against everything I'm trying to do here! hehehe

I can just feel the curiousity raging inside of you, LOVELY isnt it? Maybe you'll try so hard to guess what it is that you'll come up with your very own awesome way to become rich and famous and then I'll charge you 50% for being the one to inspire you. Is that my plan you ask? I say "Stop digging, I'm not going to tell you my plan!" Good luck with your own!

By reading this blog post you agree to share 50% of all your earnings off the ideas Laci has inspired inside of you. I claim all rights to those inspired ideas and if you didnt want to share with me you shouldn't have read the small print, its only there to screw you over.