Sunday, November 23, 2008

Warmer Alaska

This is the beaver lake trail we took Ryan's parents on when they came down for graduation. Wet but pretty! I loved the look of these logs.

The whale park is cool! I actually spotted whales there!

This is also the whale park, they have these cool boardwalks down to the water.

Its been pretty warm here for Alaska, no freezing temperatures which means no snow, its nice. But if it did freeze I would not want to be here because these driveways and some roads are super steep, something I've only seen in California. Its not right! In fact I live up on this big hill with a steep driveway but the nice thing is that my apartment is on a cliff overlooking the bay, I thought you'd all enjoy a looksy so here it is. This is what I see everyday sitting on my couch (futon), cool huh?

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A-n-D said...

That looks so beautiful! How cool that you actually got to see whales. Enjoy the warm weather!