Thursday, November 20, 2008

Super Sitka

So Cindy and I have been working on these advent calendars made from mini tart pans. How awesome is that? I just finished mine and am posting them for you Cindy. Now I wanna see yours! hehe I'll be placing candy or something inside the tin. I didnt bring the actual tin with me to Sitka for obvious reasons.

Now this a pic of Ryan in uniform at his graduation, the guys had a choice of waiting for someone special to put their pins on after the ceremony, and he had me his wife administer the badge. What an honor! THANKS BABE!! Oh, and sorry Cindy, this is the only picture where we're all facing the camera and smiling, when I get home I'll edit your eyes open.

He got to ring the victory bell or so I call it, it doesnt actually have a cool name, ok ok, Ryan says "It does have a name, its the officer's bell... or the memorial bell or something..." then he trailed off so I'm guessing it doesnt really have a name, dont tell him. But I do have to say he looked super hot in his uniform and I'm sure he looks even hotter with his gun belt on.


Mahana said...

Hurray! And Congrats! So when are you guys coming home so we can play?? I have complete cabin fever and we need a couple to hang out with!

Mahana said...

By the way, Laci you look so cute! I love the glasses! Have you always had glasses??? or am I just completely blind and not seen them before?

Valli said...

Wow! I love this post. I totaly want to see more pictures of you two in Sitka. Laci the advent calendar rocks! Ryan congratulations on graduation.
You both are the bomb.