Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day -35' F Adventure!!!

Our New Year's Day adventure comes with a twist, a couple of them, ok more like a Dr. Suess tree twisted... anyways Our big plan was to meet up with some of the guys from the 4x4 website at Jim Creek and run around. Ryan's been planning on going for a while, now remember he hasnt been able to go wheeling since mid summer.
Here's our truck!!! Nice tires huh??

That green slime that reminds you of Ghostbusters is actual Anti-freeze, it looks like candle wax that has hardened because when it decided to leave its nice warm home inside the engine it instantly froze. Wait, doesnt that defeat the purpose of 'anti-freeze'.

If your not in AK right now you need to know that today where this video was shot it was -35 degrees F outside (yes, that's a negative temp.)

First of all there's only 2 gas stations on the way to Jim Creek and all the pumps were frozen, so no gas. We had to drive back into Palmer for gas. Then we parked at BIL's house and drive down the road towards the creek and that's when anti-freeze started shooting out.
(you'll have to pause the music to watch the videos, scroll down to the bottom and push the pause button on the upper left corner of the red box, also to watch vids push the play button once and let it buffer a few minutes so you can watch it all witout pausing)

If you cant tell in the clip the heater doesnt work in the truck (not today anyways, its always worked fine till now) so the inside of the truck is also -35 F. I took my hand out of my glove to take this video and by the time I was finished my hand wasnt just frozen but it hurt. Only those of you who have been in really negative temps would understand that pain.

All his hard work out in the cold to no avail. (that would explain why he's passed out in the papasan chair right now)

You better appreciate these videos because I froze my hands handling that stupid camera just so I could post these for all of you. So here's a pic of my frozen hands being warmed by the blow torch.

AND NO, the blow torch did not warm it up.

Unfortunately the truck didnt like the cold weather so we turned back for hot food, warm home, and good 4x4 movies (who would've guessed).

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laura said...

I loved it! Can't imagine going out in those temps though! Here I complain about 25ยบ! I'm such a whimp! My hubby would love it up there. When we lived in WA state, we used to go 4x4 all the time. Hope you are warmer now!