Friday, January 2, 2009

Welding boys and their welded toys!!!

I thought I'd post this pic for Lisa! Lisa look what your hubby made, I think he was pretty proud of himself, oh wait, in Sacrament meeting last Sunday they said we should use the words pride and proud so... he was pretty... (insert positive un-proud word here) of himself. It looked really cool too. Ryan got a better pic later of him pulling it behind him like a little boy and his red wagon.Sorry my pic is terrible because I refused to go out in the cold so I took it from the window. Ryan did an awesome job also of making himself a coat rack for the shop out of the jack that was on the TORD (the one that burned up) and his tools that were also in the fire. They add a very rustic look to his shop.

Of coarse I have to add a pic of Bocy because others blog about their kids. Isnt she so cute! She's a hugger! I'll have to get some video of it for ya later for proof.

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