Saturday, January 3, 2009

The RED Game!!

Ok, this is the 'RED Game' I'm posting pics of RED accents in my house and then I tag a few people to play the game.
I love red, so I have a few!
My everyday alarm clock!

My fave door hanger!

My Awesome Papasan chair!

My new Scentsy warmer (thanks mom)

Super cute apron that mom made for me!

My 4' shelf that I painted red!

My lovely cookie jar that I made.

My red kitchen towels.

This is my all-time favorite! The red teapot Ryan bought for me to put on our new woodstove. Its like the centerpiece of the house! Doesnt it look awesome??

Now I tag everyone who reads this blog post!
That definately includes:
Valli & Dave
and everyone else I'm forgetting!
Have FUN!!


Mahana said...

oh snap. I seriously have nothing red in my house. In fact I hardly have any decor in my house...a fact that was SUPER apparent when we took down the Christmas tree and all that holiday stuff. I now resolve fervently to decorate my house this year!

Valli said...

Thanks, Crazy.

A-n-D said...

Laci all your red stuff is SO cute! I love red, but I don't really have anything that looks that cute. Plus I am feeling too lazy to take any pictures...Oh I do have one wall painted red in my living room. Hey last night was fun. You didn't really take that video did you???

Valli said...

I like the new pic of the cat. It's a keeper.