Saturday, February 7, 2009

Boy am I glad its a weekend!

2 nights ago I made something I've never made before, Manicotti!
So of coarse I had to take a pic and post it, even though it doesnt qualify for POTD.

A couple weeks ago I had went to the Temple and forgot to get a pic with it so here's it is

Marky is going to Hawaii tonight, YAY for him, he's never been on an airplane.


We went to Temple today and did some shopping.
Had to binge at Applebee's, love the shrimp in the Trio.
Today we went to test out the new hang-glider.
Did 2 passes down the hill and decided the hill wasnt big enough.

Its pretty cold out!


Valli said...

Love me some Manicotti.

Tams said...

Take us for a ride on your hang glider and we'll take you for a ride in our sail boat. DEAL?! LOL

Kristin said...

I just got really hungry all of a sudden.