Tuesday, February 3, 2009

P365 ~ Jan. 27

Tuesday 27/365

Today I got sick of my hair being staticy all the time, all I ever do is put it up in a clip to keep it out of the way, so I though "just get rid of it". I went over to mom's house and when I showed her how much to cut she got a little emotional and said "oh Laci, why'd you have to ask me to do this?"

Wednesday 28/365
I wanted to show off my short haircut since this will be the shortest my hair ever gets. Also, I made some cupcakes for my Seminary class.
Thursday 29/365
I went shopping! I sold over $400. in the scrapbook garage sale at my local scrapbook store so now I have that much in credit, so hey I went nuts. And since Valentine's is my favorite holiday I had to get some cute stuff for that.

Friday 30/365

I dont have my pic of Friday up yet. Its a pic of the game 'Settlers of Catan' because I've never played it before (and never wanted too), but it was Mark's b-day and that's what he wanted for his birthday... was for everyone to play. So I played! I Won! I still hate the game! Seriously, why would anyone like playing this game, it only causes frustration and fighting. Its all about winning, there's no sharing. Its not even fun, its all about strategy. Lame!

Saturday 31-365
I made pretzels after calling Valli. She made some and was bragging about them and I thought, hey I have nacho cheese and I love pretzels and conserving. I'd rather make them than buy them. I was all proud of myself for using some food storage in the process, but after the first one was made I realized how hard it was to make the strands and roll the dough just for it to shrink once I let it go. I dont think I'll be making more anytime soon.


Aaron Barrett said...

Laci, your hair looks SO cute. It really seems to fit your personality! And those pretzels have my mouth watering!!!!!

Mahana said...

I love soft pretzels! yum.

And you'll never go shorter??? Never? I think you'd totally rock a shorter, layered do...not that this one isn't cute--gotta love being able to put it up in the ponytail when necessary!

Valli said...

Nice cupcakes! Great hair!
Was I really bragging? I was excited. I'd never made them before. So, i was somewhat a shock that the pretzels turned out. Your's look great. You definately get higher aesthetic points than I did. Good job.

lil Rebel Child♥ said...

ooohh i wanty i wanty!