Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ok, I know its been a while, I'm sorry... but I HAVE been taking my pic of the day.

So I'll update it now. Some of my pics havent been uploaded yet, so you'll have to wait for the ones that I took with my big camera.
Sunday 2-8-09 39/365
A regular occurance... Bocy falls asleep after nuzzling me to death!

Wednesday 2-11-09 42/365
My AWESOME Valentine's decor.

Thursday ~ 2-12-09 43/365
We hang these bird seed filled pinecones outside our windows and the birds must be back in town, I'm so excited and so is BOCY!

Sunday 2-15-09 47/365

The borrowed vest cover that Ryan is using as a pattern to make himself a new one, and his favorite work toy ... the Taser!

Monday 2-16-09 48/365
After making a bunch of these mailboxes for others I figured it was time to make me one and remembered I had a mini rolling pin too that I found at a thrift store, and I had just enough paper to cover it too. This is going in my kitchen!

Tuesday 2-17-09 49/365
Craving Fixed, Catastrophe avoided!
Wednesday 2-18-09 50/365
It is 6:15am and not a single student in class. And yes, class starts at 6:15am!


Valli said...

Cute rolling pin. Very creative.

Tams said...

LOL oh my goodness! Did your class ever show?

Laci J said...

Yeah, actually just as I took the pic about 5 kids walked in.

lil Rebel Child♥ said...

Wait wait wait...that MUSt have been the day that i was a ALWAYS there on time...=D imagine that! lolz. Well. I like the pic...

Laci J said...

Actually Lanisha you were in the other room with Danny and Laci.