Sunday, February 22, 2009

As Promised...

Here are the pics I took with the big camera from last week.

Monday 2-9-09 ~ 40/365
Ryan's buddy Ryan S. called to see if we would take some pics of him mountain boarding at Hatcher Pass. It was pretty cold but we got some pics. I havent done much action photography and I realized I have a lot to learn about it.

Friday ~ 2-13-09 ~ 44/365

For Seminary we all got together and played some games in the spirit of Valentine's Day. My class seemed to love Twister, do they really love the part of someone elses butt in their face or is it the fact that they're really flexible... I dont know, I cant remember that age.

Thursday ~ 2-19-09 ~ 50/365

I thought I'd take some pics of my favorite things in my kitchen. Gotta love my red hand towels mom got me for Christmas, they accent the black very well. And you gotta love the Hobart Meat Slicer which I found on the Carr's board for $200.

Friday ~ 2-20-09 ~ 51/365
This is NOT cheating!!! This pic was actually taken a year ago at Chena Hot Springs, we went on Valentine's weekend with Joel & Lisa and Elizabeth. It was so wonderful and relaxing! I chose this pic today because we've been really missing our awesome neighbors, and missing the trip to the Hot Springs. So hopefully this will get me through it.

Saturday ~ 2-21-09 ~ 52/365
We hiked up a big hill on the top of Smith, over an hour hike and I sledded all the way down, Ryan was on his snowboard. Loads of FUN!!! I got going pretty fast!

Sunday ~ 2-22-09 ~ 53/365
When we're feeling lazy (Sunday afternoons) I can almost always count on this being on the t.v. We have a bunch of truck movies and they're actually pretty cool.


Tams said...

You guys sure have lots of fun! I wish I could go sledding.... whimper whimper.... hahaha

lil Rebel Child♥ said...

deffinatly the butt in the face...i shoulda bit him...thata show em.

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

thanks for visitin my blog! come on back :)
oh my I laughed right out loud at your fun...I do remember is someone elses butt near anything of yours at that age that makes it attractive...just makes me giggle!
thanks for the laugh
and great Vday stuff too!