Thursday, February 26, 2009

Super Sledding

On Saturday we got a call from Ryan's friends that there was a bunch of people going sledding on top of Smith, so I talked Ryan into going. We got there before everyone so we started hiking... half way up we heard a 4-wheeler (on this non-motorized trail) I said "that has to be your friends, and it was. Atleast they gave us a ride to the top.
Apparently "a bunch of people" means 2 guys! And of coarse it had to be the two guys who think everything in life has to be extreme, so not only were they going to hike this big hill and hill past that, but also they feel the need to hike a mountain. And I thought these guys were going to bring their wives so I wouldnt feel like I was slowing them down, but NOPE as the only girl I was a little intimidated and decided to not do the last leg of the hike so I bathed in the sun instead, it felt nice.

... You know that feeling when your mouth is frozen and you
try to smile and you just end up looking like an idiot...

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