Saturday, February 28, 2009

LOVE swaps!!

Monday I received my inchies from the inchie swap. I'm going to make wall art out of them by framing them in an 8x10 frame. I'll show you when I finish it!

Tuesday ~ I packed up my Betty Swap and got it in the mail. Also sent her a bunch of SB goodies. Her kitchen was red so I got her kitchen towels and an oven mitt, a bowl, some brownie mix, a mini brownie bites silicone pan a 6x6 recipe card and a bunch of random stuff that would fit.

Wednesday ~ I had my students write on the board again, only this time the question was "What would you give up for your family??" then I changed family to H.F. Notice the answer on the top left of the board!!!

Thursday ~ Lanisha got a perm! Took 4 hours!!

Friday ~ Bocy loves to sleep on our bed even if she does get covered up and forgotten.

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