Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ice Carving Adventures

While on our way back from Chena Hot Springs we stopped in at the Ice Park. We thought it might be just a bunch of lame ice carvings that we could ooh and aww over, but once we found the kids park we were totally hooked. They had the coolest interactive ice carvings, you'll see what I mean...
The Airplane

The Cabin
The Tunnel

The "Kingfisher" ice sculpture
(everyone's favorite and it won 1st place)
he's got a fish in his mouth
Carhartt Man
The Throne
The Bench
Small Slide

The BIG Slides (the best part)

1 comment:

Valli said...

Wow! I love the plane. Dave and are uber jeleous about the big slides. They look super cool and fun. We're glad you had such a great time.