Thursday, March 5, 2009

Randomocity if I may...

I found this really cool new website that is very inspiring, its called ohdeedoh and its a compilation of cool things found on the internet via blogs and such. I found this awesome wall clock idea from there, and I'm totally going to use it.

You all know I cant resist photographing my super beauty & the beast cat (trust me, she's both) I found her just hanging out in the sink, she loves jumping up there when the water's running to practice her swiftness of karate chops in the water, after all she is named after a ninja...

Crazy Cat!!

Oh, and here is what I received in the Betty Swap. A big quiche pan which is nice cuz I make quiche all the time and never actually had the right pan for it. I got 2 whisks which arent pictured, a 6x6 recipe card for Chocolate Truffle Tart, 2 red spatulas, a small scoop and 2 red oven mitts, very soft inside.
I cant wait to make the Chocolate stuff, as you all know I'm such a sucker for Chocolate (hear that Seminary students?????)

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Jill said...

That wall clock is AWESOME!!