Saturday, March 28, 2009

What's UP??

Ok, I know its been a while and YES, I'm bad at this!

Sunday ~ 3-8-09
We got a bunch of snow and had to plow. The car was pushing snow!
Monday 3-9-09
Finally got an actual filing cabinet, now
I can do my taxes while everything's organized.
Tuesday ~ 3-10-09
Scrapped a page of Lanisha, my desk is always such a mess.
I found these baby converse at a thrift store. The say 'Squeakers' on the side.
Thursday ~ 3-12-09
Went shopping with mom and Lanisha.
Friday ~ 3-13-09
Ward chili cook-off night, I hung out at the Mexican's table. They're AWESOME!!
And YES, we call them "The Mexicans"
Sammy got this huge chunk of cake, the littlest person with the biggest cake.
Saturday 3-14-09
We had some friends over and I got Ryan this holster
so he doesnt have to steal mine anymore.
3-1-09 Saturday
We went to Chena Hot Springs on their Anniversary,
it was a blast as you can tell in our previous posts.
Friday 3-6-09
I love having a key rack, I dont lose my keys anymore.
Saturday ~ 3-7-09
Joel talked us into going to Temple today and cleaning after a session,
then we went to 'Mexico in Alaska' for dinner.

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