Saturday, March 28, 2009

Playing Catsup!!!

Tuesday ~ 3-17-09
St. Patrick's Day
Wednesday ~ 3-18-09
I love coming home to this!

Thursday ~ 3-19-09
You might remember this post from the other day. Lots of fun!
If not click HERE!
Friday ~ 3-20-09
I made these cool flowers. Instead of buying Prima's I decided to support my local scraproom supply and make my own in whatever color I wanted.
Saturday ~ 3-21-09
'Twilight' finally came out on DVD. This was the first night we saw it. I really wanted to see it in Theatre but Ryan was in the Academy when it was in there, and since we read them together it was only fitting to watch it together. But, I didnt like it so much. I thought the characters were suppose to be HOT!! WHAT THE FREAK??
Sunday 3-22-09
I had to have a pic of my friend Tisha's preggy belly.
Monday 3-23-09
Mt. Redoubt erupted 5 times today. 50,000 ft.

Tuesday ~ 3-24-09

Supporting my local troops!
Wednesday ~ 3-25-09
For Wed. I got a postcard in the mail from Japan.
My awesome buddy Larsen, so instead of a photo I'll just put that in album.

Thursday ~ 3-26-09
Brendan had a rough day. First, while hauling his dump truck on a trailer it rolled forward and smacked the tailgate of his new GMC. So he decided to play in his bogger truck for the afternoon, and then he rolled it in my backyard, crushing the cab.
Friday ~ 3-27-09
Tried watching some R rated movies tonight on Joel's new ClearPlay DVD player, (great editing DVD player) and it stopped working in the middle of movie. So they spent some time taking it apart and trying to get it to play. They even took apart another DVD player to use spare parts, but to no avail. I'm sure if it was fixable they would've gotten it! They're that good!
(We were hoping to watch '300' that why I left it in color in the pic)

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