Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 4 ~ Valli's Birthday

UGG, mornings... after sleeping on a hard sofa pull out for not enough hours when the A/C kicks on super loud and freezes you out... yeah, the mornings were always like this.
Rainforest Cafe, dont you just love my tail and Valli's legs??

This is where I sat, right by the elephant's butt

Great food!!!
MMM, coconut shrimp
Stop texting and enjoy the moment with the shrimp shoved down your throat,
you're friends will understand.

Happy Birthday!!!
Cirque Du Soleil, I took one pic during seating and they threatened to take my camera away, so this all I got from La Nouba, sorry.
These apples looked so good, but not $12. good.

Bus ride home!
Sporting my new Cirque Du Soleil hat!
Nightly tradition to play in the lazy river at the hotel no matter how tired we were

Then she had to crash my party
but I got her back.


A-n-D said...

Wow! Looks like you had a blast and ate lots of REALLY yummy food. I am jealous! Loved all your pictures:)

Valli said...

Nice pictures! You took come great shots.