Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm going to say right off that I'm not creative. Laci is, I am not. Some are creators by nature, I am not a creator, I am a copier. Show me a picture of anything and I can make it for you. So if my typing is boring you to death, divert your eyes to the pictures, forget the words and cheat death to live another day.

The story of Joel and Lisa:

Joel and Lisa live in a house, its a good house. But they have a neighbor that talks Joel into doing things that aren't sane.

Normally Lisa is there to balance everything out and tell the two boy's, "Wait and think about this for a moment."

These are the pictures that result from not, "waiting for a moment" and thinking about what we should do. This is the result of just doing stuff without thinking.

The evil neighbor convinced Joel he should buy a jeep. Then when that plan worked, he told Joel to drive the Jeep where Jeeps were not meant to go.

Luckily Joel was smarter than the evil neighbor and bought a Jeep with a winch.......and a fire extinguisher.


And they lived happily ever after.


Lisa Jo said...

I personally love the post, and reguardless of what you think our neighbors are not evil! And really what are wives for? but to balance their husbands crazy ideas. I think they are awesome picks and I can't wait to hitch a ride in that sweet jeep. :)

Valli said...

"Divert your eyes... and cheat death to live another day." Bawh haw.
Nice post. Looks like you had fun.