Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 5 ~ Epcot

Day 5 ~ Epcot Center

We had lunch at the aquarium restaurant. There was only 1 reservation available for the whole time we were there but atleast we got in because it was mom's pick.
I was a little disappointed in the Appetizer for 2, they told me it would fill me up for lunch but there was only 2 pieces of shrimp, a scallop and something weird, and 2 thumb sized cups of soup.
Then we checked out 'The Seas' with Nemo and Friends
I actually stood in line with a whole bunch of little kids just to get this shot.
Look a red telephone booth, who wouldnt want their picture with one?
Do I look a little scared, maybe I wondering what Ryan would think

Japan @ Epcot Norway
We ate in Japan, the chopsticks give it away, huh?
MMM, sushi! And that's only half of what I got!

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