Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 6 ~ Blizzard Beach & Magic Kingdom

This fantabulous ride is called the 'Summit Plummit' and it just happened to be the very first ride Lanisha & I ever did at the water park. Let me tell you that once you've done this, nothing else is very exciting so if you happen to be going to WDW save it for last.
120 foot drop, 70 MPH
We were all really excited to go to Magic Kingdom,
I know kinda cheesy but it was cool!

Ok, so I know I have lots of pics of Lanisha, and thats because she's the only photogenic one. Valli being pregnant wasnt too big on body shots and mom doesnt like her pic taken. I would have loved to have been the star but I was the one with the camera and I got tired of asking others to take pics of me.
Pirates of the Caribbean ride:

Snack TIME

You call this a snack?? For the baby in Valli's tummy maybe.
The castle looked AWESOME in the dark, and it would change colors.
But, the fireworks were even better!

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