Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baby Shower by Proxy

So my sister lives in Tennessee as most of you know and she's due to have her baby in a week! We were debating for a while if we should have a baby shower for her anyways, and at first we werent going too, then last week we decided we might as well get together and show off all the stuff we got her. Which is kind of a bummer, cuz when I throw a party, shower, whatever, I like to go all out and make super cute invites and have awesome door prizes and gifts, and amazing treats that take 2 days to make, and some unique fun games that everyone is sure to enjoy, etc. etc. Well, I didnt get to do any of those!

My mom asked me to be in charge of games a couple days ago, so I was atleast really excited about being able to plan some fun unique games, but then she requested that we play Baby Pictionary... what baby shower hasn't played that game (she doesnt know that I actually hate that game).

So, I think what I'm trying to say is that I could have done a WAY better job at planning and preparing this and I hate how things go when there's no planning or prep, but none the less we still had fun even if the mother-to-be was 1000's of miles away. I do have to say that it was still pretty fun for what short of time we had.

This what we did: I'd always wanted to have a clothesline at a baby shower to hang up all the gifts, I thought that was soooo CUTE!! So we did!

Then, I filled a bottle full of M&M's and made everyone guess how many there were, which I know isnt a unique game but hey, the winner gets M&M's!!!

I did get to make it to Target before the shower and buy a couple of cute prizes for the winners, and since all the Halloween stuff is out, I bought lots of cute stuff, too bad I didnt take a pic of that stuff, cuz it was Awesome!!!

We did play this one game I thought of, and I had Lanisha take a video of it when it was my turn, so you'll see. You have to hold the baby (stuffed animal in our case) safely in one arm, talk on the phone while hanging up clothes on the line. And whoever can do it the fastest wins. Cindy was our winner with 18 seconds!

All in all, we had lots of fun just the 6 of us and I'm glad we were able to do it!

Oh, then I gave everyone a bottle with M&M's as a party favor, so we took a pic of us all and our bottles (on top).


Mahana said...

Wait so who was the proxy? Did you make someone be Valli and stuff them with a pillow?

For Hanna's baby shower we took a picture of arielle's head and stuck it on a drawing of a body we made...her proxy since she couldn't make it. Everybody thought it was hilarious! Fun ideas. I'm not a game person for baby showers but that stuff looks cute.

Valli said...

What a great idea! Would I have been able to pick my proxy? It would have been one of the boys. Mmm... Marky, with instructions to squeal with delight at every present. Stuffed with a pillow for sure and extra socks for swollen feet.