Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lets go Hiking...

The Plan ~ Go hiking on Tuesday

The Thought ~ Oh, it wont be that hard, just hiking

Where ~ Byers Peak

Weather ~ Hard Rain!

Reality ~ Oh we went hiking, we started out in the rain and everyone's rain-proof clothes were drenched inside and out. We hit snow not very far up, then some how we lost trail with the snow covering so we thought we'd head on over to where we thought the trail was... what did we find? Some drop-offs, and a creek. So after slipping down the mt we followed the creek to the bottom. We were so wet!

Looks like fun, huh???

That's the creek we followed down!

I'm guessing our friend will probably never want to go hiking with us ever again.

1 comment:

Valli said...

I want to go hiking too.
Glad you didn't get permanently lost.